Best Sources of Downloading Free Ringtone for Android 2018

The ringtone that you use on your android device can hugely describe your attitude, your current mood and even much about your music taste. Even when it comes to java phones, we tend to simply change and set the default ringtone that are available on the phone. Setting a ringtone on your android device isn’t only easy but it also makes you appear cool. Just like you will never want to wear the same dress again and again, you wouldn’t want to keep the same ringtone running over a long period of time. There are 2 basic ways to get free ringtone for android, one by using an application where you can download/directly & set the ringtone or you can head over to a free ringtone site and download the one you need. Both ways, you can be sure to find a lot of cool, and crazy ringtones for your android device.


So, if you are also searching for a sources of downloading free ringtone for your android device then we have a list of the 7 best sources to download ringtone. Keep in mind, downloading ringtone is just like downloading any other stuff for the internet and it involves a huge risk. If you end up using a ringtone source which isn’t safe, you may end up downloading malwares and virus into your system. So keeping all these factors in mind, we have come up with the 7 best safes sources to download ringtone. Without further day, let us get in to the sources to download free ringtone for android.


Sources of Downloading Free Ringtone for Android:

Let us first get down with the list of apps that you can use to download your favourite ringtones.

Best Classical Music Ringtones:

This is free source of downloading ringtones for android, java and many other devices with supports changeable ringtones. As the name implies, the Best Classical Music Ringtones offer with the list of the best classical ringtones that you can choose from like Beethoven, Bach, Vivaldi and many other classical sources of downloading ringtones.

The ringtones are available in many formats, so you can enjoy using these formats for different devices which supports mp3, wav, aac and many other formats. This app also let you choose a ringtone according to your need and time. You can set time to change the ringtones as you set or simple set it to random so a random & cool ringtone plays off after the designated time.

Best Classical Music Ringtones


Ringdroid has been on the list of the best ringtone sources for a long time. With Ringdroid you can choose to set custom ringtones according to your need. With Ringdroid you can also get periodical updates to support even the latest version of android. This sis an open source ringtones market that is easy to use and has a very user friendly interface to help you download and set ringtones within a few seconds.

The source of the Ringdroid is also updated on regular basis to offer its user with all the latest and the best ringtone that comes for free for your android device. Ringdroid specially made for android users as all the ringtones comes in mp3 format only as android device supports mp3 format of ringtones setting.


MTP Ringtones and Wallpaper:

This is yet another famous source of ringtones for android devices. MTP is a great competitor to Zedge which makes out to be a great source for free ringtones.

You can get ringtones, alarm tones, and many other stuff like, apps, games and wallpapers too. Choose MTP for an overall customization for your android device.

MTP Ringtones and Wallpaper


Ringtone Maker:

Like the name says, this is a ringtone makes that you can use to create your own ringtone. This is an editing tool that you can use to make different types of ringtones which can be a part of song or even a ringtone itself to create a whole new ringtone.

After you are done crating the ringtone, you can even save the ringtone in different format that can be for android or any other OS.

Ringtone Maker


Last but not the least on this list of free Ringtones for android apps is the Zedge app. Zedge comes as a website as well, but if you are an android user, it would be quite easy for you to download the latest ringtones by using this app.

There are a lot of categories of ringtones to choose from that will suit your need and mood.


Now that we are done with the list of the app to help you download free ringtones, let us now have a look at the website sources to download ringtone safely.


Websites to download Ringtone for Free:


Zedge, As we have already mentioned earlier, Zedge is a great source for downloading free ringtones for android device so here is the website to download your ringtones from the Zedge official site. The Zedge site itself has over 9 million ringtones to choose from, so you can be sure to find the one ringtone that you heard somewhere or you liked and download it from Zedge official site.

Zedge also offer you to download any other customizable options like themes and wallpapers, which makes it an overall mobile customizer.


mobile9 is yet another great source of downloading your favourite ringtones. Choose from the list of categories of ringtones that you suit your mood or the one type of rock, classical, indie, hip-hop or any other type of ringtone that you would want to download for your android device.


So, there you have it. These were the list for top 7 best sources to download ringtone for your android device. All these sources of ringtones are free to use. And so, you don’t have to worry about any hidden cost or surveys to download these ringtones. You will also be able to grab the latest and the bestringtones from these sites and few of them which also offers  downloading free apps, videos, songs and wallpapers which can help you customize your whole android device.

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