How To Download Lucky Patcher APK On Android?

Download Lucky Patcher APK on your Android or Windows PC. This is a free app that has the ability to break down the typical rule set for Android app in Google Play Store or other alternative sources. Before downloading Lucky Patcher App for Android or Windows computer, get an insight view of the App thus using it will be much easier.

There are times when you need to access the in-app catalogue of freemium apps and games. Thousands of efficient apps are available on Play Store and alternative stores. Many of these apps come with free initial use and in-app items. In freemium Android games, when you go level up, you have to purchase items such as Health, coins, gems, ammo, weapons, etc. In the same way, there are apps whose advanced features are accessible only by in-app purchases. In such case, not all of us are able to afford premium purchases.


Purchasing in-app items cost you bucks and most of them are buyable only by Credit cards. Now that, not everyone holds a credit card with them. Also, in most of the free apps, excessive online ads are common. These kinds of ads ruin our overall user experiences. For all these purposes, Lucky Patcher act like a savior.

What is Lucky Patcher?

Lucky Patcher is the kind of app that allows you to take over any type of Android app or game permissions while downloading or making in-app purchases. Lucky Patcher remove annoying advertisements, changes app permissions, build app backups, and more. Lucky patcher also let you download modded version of Google Play Store. The app has been developed by a well-known app developing organization called Chelpus. Lucky patcher tends to work on rooted Android devices. However, some non-rooted devices are also compatible with Lucky Patcher.

Lucky Patcher Features at a Glance:

  • Lucky Patcher is a free giveaway.
  • Take a full control over App permissions.
  • Full control over the installed apps.
  • Works with some non-rooted devices.
  • Works perfectly with rooted Android devices.
  • Delete excessive ads from games and apps.
  • In-app purchases in games and apps without paying a dime.
  • Updated versions available on regular basis.
  • Bug fixes with new updates.
  • Proxy available for Play Store.
  • Up to 200 different languages are available.
  • Works on all kind of Android operating systems.
  • License verifications are removed from premium apps.
  • Removed online ads from free Android apps.

Lucky Patcher APK: How To Use on Android Device?

In order to download, Install, and use Lucky Patcher, you need to root your Android device (Smartphone or Tab). Though the app may work without rooting your device, but this is not guaranteed. An Android device can be rooted by a device rooting App called KingRoot. KingRoot is the best app for rooting Android handsets and we recommend the same. If your device is already rooted, you are one step ahead of the rest. Now, you may download the Lucky Patcher APK file from a trusted sources rather than Play Store. The app is not available in the Play Store.

Download Lucky Patcher APK:

As the App is not available in the Google Play Store, you will have to make changes in your device settings to accept apps from unknown sources. This is for non-rooted users. An Android rooted smartphone may not need this action to be done.

  • Go to your Android Settings menu.
  • Tap on the Security option.
  • Now, check box for “Unknown sources” to enable the option.

Once your device is ready, you may follow the below given instructions.

Step 1: You may download Lucky Patcher APK file by clicking on the link given below.


Step 2: Once the APK is downloaded, go to the notification bar and open the loaded file to install it.

Step 3: When the app is fully installed, launch the app from your menu tray and proceed using it as you wish.

Hack In-App Purchases:

Step 1: Open the installed Lucky Patcher from your menu tray.

Step 2: Once the app is opened, minimize and keep it running the background.

Step 3: Now, open the game or app in which you would like to hack the in-app items to gain free access.

Step 4: Select your desired in-app items and Proceed to purchase section.

Step 5: Next, tap on the “Buy” or “Get” option. After that, the next page will open in Lucky patcher window instead Play store.

Step 6: You will see a message saying “Do you want to try this app for free?”. Rooted users may tap on “Yes” button and non-rooted users tap “Send Reply”.

By now, your desired items must be added to your app or game and you may use them accordingly.

Remove Google Ads from Free Apps:

Step 1: Open the Lucky Patcher App.

Step 2: From its homepage, type the app name from which you wish to remove ads in the search box.

Step 3: Select the desired app and then tap on the “Open Menu of Patches” option.

Step 4: Scroll down the page and then select and tap on “APK without Google Ads” option.

Remove License Verifications:

Step 1: Open the Lucky Patcher App from your device app drawer.

Step 2: On Lucky Patcher homepage, type the app name from which you wish to remove ads in the search box.

Step 3: Tap on the “Open Menu of Patches” option from the desired app.

Step 4: Scroll down the patch list and pick up “APK without license verifications” option to execute the same.

Step 5: Onc ethe option is selected, wait for a while until the app is modified.

Download Modded App:

Step 1: Open the Lucky Patcher App and open the list of installed apps through it.

Step 2: Now select the app or game you wish to get a modded version of.

Step 3: Now tap on the “Open Menu of The Patches” option.

Step 4: Now click on “Create Modded APK” option.

Step 5: Next, hit the “Rebuild the App” option and wait until it shows successfull.

Step 6: Now, uninstall the original version of the app you have just modified from your device.

Step 7: Finally, proceed to install the modified APK of the same app and once it is done, you are good to go.


Spitting out the fact, it is not necessary that Lucky Patcher will work 100% of the time. In some cases, the app may not work the way you expect. However, this is still a worth-having app as it opens the door to infinite possibilities with your Android Apps. And the best part is, you won’t be charged a dime for using it. So, don’t hesitate to download Lucky Patcher APK and have the best fun of it.


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