Get Rid of Confirm Form Resubmission Err_Cache_Miss Error on Back Button Chrome?

How annoying and time-consuming it is when it shows “Confirm Form Resubmission” error. And for because you will need to repeat all the information in the form, which is time-consuming. Chrome actually gives its users an efficient feature that helps auto-filling your form soon after getting the same filling up of the same page.


This is a useful feature but sometimes because of time issues the Confirm Form Resubmission could trigger an error. Thus, you might require repeating filling up the same information on the confirmation page.

If this just happened with you then you can fix this Chrome’s infamously form resubmission error.

This error in Chrome secretly common and many of its users may have raised complaints in Chrome Help and Support Center.

That’s really a hell of interference when you make some important action on the internet and that error prompt teases you like anything. If you have already encountered the same then it is wise to know its fixation methods.

Yes, not to worry, we will provide you to work on this Confirm Form Resubmission error in Chrome and submit your form seamlessly without any interference.

Some important tips you should be doing to fix this error in Chrome; so, let’s get into the methods for it.

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How to Fix and get Rid of Confirm Form Resubmission Error in Chrome?

Confirm Form Resubmission could trigger when you have submitted the same and connection shows failed. In this part, the server might receive your execution even though next page couldn’t make to pop up. Or there could be a time issue, when took much time submitting the form or there could be a server error, as of this point you can be sure that you haven’t submitted the form. Because of all these confirm resubmission error could encounter on your screen.

Actually, this is a Chrome feature that helps its users from repeated from submission. Chrome auto detects the same action on in the same server (on the page) and avoids any repeated form execution, which actually helps from duplication in the same server. However, Google Chrome browser sometimes show you up Confirm Form Resubmission and that’s an error which could trigger with all. Just check out how to fix this issue if you are confirmed about there is no resubmission going on in Chrome browser.

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Clear Browser Cache and History:

You can clear Chrome browser’s cache and history if you have been there [on that site before]. As your browser can remember it, you just need to forget all cache and history of your browser. Visiting the same website or form submission page could also reflect this issue in Chrome browser. So, if you have been on the same page then try out to remove all of your browser history and caches. Check out below how to clear cache and history from Chrome.

  • Launch Chrome Browser and click on the more option [with three dots].
  • Now navigate the cursor to the More tools and from the broad menu choose Clear browser data.

  • From the option, you are recommended to choose “Browsing history,” “Clear cache images and files,” “Cookies and other site data.”
  • Then click on the “CLEAR BROWSING DATA” and your all data of from Chrome will be removed.

  • This should help you from the confirm form resubmission error in your Chrome browser. Just follow the instruction as shown and make sure it is resolved or not.

Chrome Shortcut Properties Change:

This is again one of the cool tweak that you can do with your Chrome shortcut. And it is working method to fix Confirm Form Resubmission Error in Chrome. However, the tweak is just simple, which you can follow seamlessly. The fixation method is unaware by most of its users that I am going to guide you in below. Check out how to do tweak with your Chrome shortcut.

Step1: You might have a shortcut on your Desktop screen, a right-click on the Chrome shortcut. Go to the Properties at least.

Step2: In the Shortcut sub-menu, you can see “Target,” which actually represent the destination of the file. If you see command as “disable prompt on repost” then it is another reason for “Confirm Form Resubmission” error in Chrome.

Step3: You need to edit the target script. Select “disable prompt on repost” or select everything after .exe and delete it.

Step4: After deleting it, click on the “OK” button and followed by “Apply” button. Hence, you are done with the from this error fixation methods. And it should definitely work to resolve Confirm Form Resubmission error. It is one of the reliable methods for this Chrome error, If the error prompt is popping up in your Chrome then just try it out.

URL Tweak in Chrome:

Yeah, there is a URL tweak for Confirm Form Resubmission error in Chrome. With some change in URL, you can fix this like a pro. So, you will not need to exit your browser and encounter it on the go. To do so, Chrome should be promoting this issue and right after you are suggested to go with the following instructions.

When Chrome prompts this issue then the existing URL would be with “remove post” and in that portion, you will need to add “get post.” To be more precise on this method check out below shown image-


Check Your Internet Connection:

As I have said already, this issue reflects when the server received your execution and because of slower data connection, it failed to load next page. And when you refresh the same page, it shows you up “Confirm Form Resubmission.”


In this case, we are sure, you form has been already submitted to the server. And you do not need to worry about it. However, only you should care about your network connection, which might repeat the same issue further. So, be clear on the fact.

Here are the Topics covered in the Complete Guide to Rid of Confirm Form Resubmission Error: (infographic)



So, these were the proper fixation methods for Confirm Form Submission error in Chrome Browser. Just follow the instruction wisely and you would be done with it. As mentioned, this could be because of many reasons and specifically mentioned all possible resolution of it. Hope, you have learned it, and let me know if have any queries triggering any of these methods.


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