How to Check Aadhar Card Status Online by Name and UIDAI Enrolment Number

Government of India have decided to provide Aadhar Number to every citizen of the country. This in a way acts more than what Citizenship card used to confront. It is an absolute biometric card to maintain the uniqueness of every particular citizen. This undoubtedly benefited checking malpractice occurred before its advent also included loads of new facilities. The biometric details of the card maintain all the personal details of an individual in a government database. Maintaining this card is a must and government has certainly taken splendid initiatives to generate Aadhar number. After filling up the form for the card you can check the status of its dispatch by going to the eAahdhar. The whole process of How to Check Aadhar Card Status Online by Name and UIDAI Enrolment Number has been made clear in here.


The purpose of the Aadhar card is versatile and is growing widespread. Main motive behind the introduction of such a system is to provide assistance and benefits to gain access to resources directly. This in a way eliminates the need of middleman for any government task to be done. Aadhar enrolment centres have been put up in localities just like health camps for easy and fast enrolling. There are many to be added in the list of benefits provided by the Aadhar number.


How to Check Aadhar Card Status Online by Name and UIDAI Enrolment Number: Benefits Provided

Nothing in this world comes without any purpose behind. So, is the introduction of Aadhar too. This unique identification number holds lot of facilities and benefits to be attached. Down below lies the prime list of benefits provided using Aadhar card.

  • Already said before, it works as an advanced form of Citizenship card. Therefore, for acquisition of passport you require the Aadhar card. It works as an identity proof.
  • To open a bank account and to attain the KYC services and facilities financial institutions and banks consider Aadhar card as proof for identification, address as well as identity.
  • For receiving monthly pension that too timely is made available if Aadhar facility is entangled with the pension account of the pensioner.
  • Aadhar card holder gets some direct benefits, known as direct benefit transfer. The LPG subsidy is one of those direct benefit transfers. The subsidised amount directly gets transferred to your bank account when you link the Aadhar number with your LPG connection.
  • There is another great opportunity called Disbursement of Provident Fund. If your pension account has got your Aadhar number linked then the provident fund get automatically disbursed in to your pension account.

The list of benefits does not end here. There are lots in the list. The main biometric facility with your photo and address made it the prime proof of your identity and address. Where ever till now you required address proof and identity proof, in all such places you can now use the card of twelve digit unique identification numbers.


How to Check Aadhar Card Status Online by Name and UIDAI Enrolment Number: Documents required

Claiming Aadhar card does require certain documents. The documents are mainly categorised in to identity proof, address proof and age proof. Given below are the lists of documents. You can choose one each from the three lists of documents.

List of supported Proof of Identity

  • Passport
  • Ration Card or PDS Photo Card.
  • PAN Card.
  • Driving License.
  • Voter ID
  • Photo ATM Card.

List of Supported Proof of Address

  • Bank Statement or Passbook.
  • Ration Card.
  • Passport.
  • Post Office Statement or Passbook.
  • Voter ID
  • Driving License.

List of Supported Proof of Age

  • SSLC Certificate or Book.
  • Birth Certificate.
  • Passport
  • Mark sheet that has been issued by any Government University or Board.
  • Central Government Health Service Scheme Photo Card or Ex-Servicemen Contributory Health Scheme

How to Check Aadhar Card Status Online by Name and UIDAI Enrolment Number: The Procedure

Checking Aadhar card status online requires following some simple procedure. When you filled up and handed over the application form you must have got a fourteen digit number. Keep that UIDAI enrolment number in front of you to continue with the process.

  • Click on the given link of the official website of Aadhar.
  • Enter the fourteen digit UIDAI enrolment number as required. Also fill the name and date mentioned in the enrolment slip.
  • Enter the security code to complete the status search.
  • Finally click on the check status bar to know whether your Aadhar card is made or not.


Once your card is made or created it will be delivered to you within a period of one month. Was not the whole process of How to Check Aadhar Card Online by Name and UIDAI Enrolment Number simple? Hope this information has been of hep to you. If you are facing any problems then leave a comment below and we will get back to you ASAP!!

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