How To Use DOSBox to Play Classic Games?

Using an upgraded Windows version or Windows 10 won’t support most of the DOS operated games. So, for the most DOS users, there could be even a single game or application, he/she missing on their Windows PC or laptop. If you are also one of them and willing to run DOS rated application and games then here is all about DOSBox. Yes, you might have heard about DOSBox, which helps to run all the DOS rated games and applications even on your Windows 10.

There is also D-fend Reloaded that helps playing DOS games. But if you just got DOSBox then check out how to successfully install DOSBox on your system. So that, you can be able to play all the classic games on your PC. Let’s get into the procedure of DOSBox installation and how to play classic or DOS rated games and applications.


How to use DOSBox to Play Classic Games?

DOSBox is suitable for most operating system such as Windows, Linux, Unix like system and MacOS X. Goodly, this can be also downloaded on Ubuntu. For these all OS, DOSBox can be downloaded from its official website. Moreover, it is available to download for free for all platforms. Download DOSBox from the below given link, which will be redirected to you to the official download link.

Download DOSBox

How to install DOSBox?

After downloading the exe file on your computer. You can install the software like usually do with other existing software. So, there would not need any special trick to install it on your computer. All you need to follow the simple installation wizard step by step.


Setting Up Right Directories:

Well after installation of the DOSBox, you will need to mount the directory folder for it. This would help for the default directories for DOS games download and installation. Here check out the directory mounting trick, which you should be following in your computer.

Note: You can also try out drag and drop feature in the DOSBox to run an exe file or DOS games in it.

Because before installing a DOS game, you will need to mount a directory for a certain game. Hence, find out the directory setup here in below.

mount c c:\games\

well, this is the command that will replace the DOSBox folder in Drive: C with C:\games. Or you can also follow the below command if you are mounting a CD-ROM to your computer.

mount c D:\ -t cdrom

Well, after all of this you game file will be mounted in the right place. After that, switch back to the C:\DOSBox. To do so, follow the below command;

Press C button and press Enter

Now opt out to a dir command from the list of the recent directories and the CD-ROM command. Now find the name directory to choose a directory over it. To go up directory, you can also choose a CD command.

You DOSBox would emulate the DOS system on your computer after all of these steps. Now, you can install any DOS games in your computer like you usually do in a DOS running machine. After installing the classic game on your PC. Navigate to the installed classic DOS game, play the game as mentioned.

Now you are ready for some classic DOS game in your PC with DOSBox emulations. If you find, any running hiccups then restart the game again in DOSBox. You can also check out the game combability on the DOSBox homepage host. Though, most of the DOS games are compatible with the DOSBox emulator.

Final Word

So, these were the steps for how to play classic games with the help of DOSBox. Hope, these steps would allow you playing all you DOS rated games and application on your PC. Installing the DOSBox in your machine should not be hard as you can see, but it could be a little tricky when mounting the game directory in your system. Not to worry, as I have shown all of the steps one by one for it. Just follow the method of directory mount and you will success very easily. Still, if there any inconvenience while following the methods then you can drop a comment below in the comment section and I will be quick enough to reply in that regards.

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